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During the Spring 2014 term, the seminar will meet on Mondays at 10am. Seminars are in SoN 122 unless noted otherwise.

E-mail Eric Morley (morleye [at] gmail dot com) to reserve a seminar date.

Upcoming Seminar

Date: Monday, August 11 at 10:00 AM

Location: SoN 122

Speaker Stephen David

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Summer 2014

07/21/2014Golnar SheikhshabbafghiApplications of Topic Modeling on Health-Related Data 
08/11/2014Stephen David  
08/25/2014Russ Beckley  
09/08/2014Géza Kiss  

Seminar Abstracts

Speaker Golnar Sheikhshabbafghi

Title: Applications of Topic Modeling on Health-Related Data

Abstract: In this talk we will see different health applications of topic modeling on different types of health-related data. Some of the applications answer questions about structured medical data like electronic medical records (EMR) or patient pathways while other applications involve textual data collected for diagnosis. More interestingly, we will talk about health-related questions on online data like tweeter that topic modeling techniques can answer.

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